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Smartlook For A Smart Business

Business is easy when you know what your buyers are. When you understand the buying behavior of your customers, planning marketing strategies become easy. This is where Smartlook comes into play.

  • Smartlook provides Users Session videos to help you understand the user experience of your visitors. The replays clearly reveal the mouse movement and form interactions so that you know what is going wrong and where improvements are required.
  • The API feature comes integral to Smartlook that enables you to identify your customers with ease.
  • Have you detected errors on your site? Share the recording with your team and solve the issue quickly. The share recordings feature helps in finding the solutions swiftly.
  • GDPR compliant Smartlook enables you to go through the entire journey of your visitor, right from when he found you on the search engine to the time when he completes a purchase/transaction.
  • Segment recordings with the Smartlook filters and save them for future analysis. The visitor actions such as quitting the page without completing the transaction, liking items on the page but not adding them to the cart might require an analysis of your website.
  • Smartlook is reputed for its integration feature. It can easily integrate with Zendesk, Intercom, Google Analytics and several such platforms.
  • The Heatmaps feature allows you to see the click throughs of your visitors. Mouse movements are also clearly visible, so you will get to know what part of your page is interesting and what looks frustrating.
  • The event tracking tool tracks all your events automatically, no guesses! Clearly understand your buyers.