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Social Media Management Made Easy With Agorapulse

The highly flexible, user friendly social media management tool lets you consolidate and manage messages from different social media sites. You can, with Agorapulse, manage all your social interactions from a single platform, whether it is Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. The wonder application always keeps you in the know by notifying you on any new comment, post or message that is posted on your blog/account.

Some notable features of Agorapulse:

  • Efficient and simple engagement. Agorapulse dashboard picks up every message and comment, so you will have every opportunity to respond to these. Organize replies and build strong, credible relationships with this effective feature.
  • Identify what your customers or fans are speaking about you. Agorapulse lets you pick up on hashtag uses and trends. The social media management tool also lets you monitor your business on various social media sites.
  • Reporting really matters for any business. Agorapulse provides unlimited reports instantly for you to measure your performance/ success. Get analytics on your brand awareness, audience and engagement. The application does all the reporting job while giving all the time for you to focus on other aspects of your business.
  • Edit, draft, schedule and post on multiple sites from a single place with Agorapulse. You can also specify the time when you want your content to go!
  • Real-time team collaboration is another noteworthy feature. Now, get to see what your team members are up to!
  • The CRM feature lets you create a list of clients, prospects and influencers. Segment and organize these lists the way you want!