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Get Excellent Image Optimization Services From Kraken.io

The images that you put on your website definitely play a big role in driving sales. You definitely would not want shabby and wrongly placed pictures that will make your customers get a wrong impression on your brand. So, Kraken.io is giving image optimization services where you have to send all your required images to Kraken.io and they will be optimized. The hardware selected by this company will not even consume a single CPU cycle.

Is Kraken.io user-friendly?

The best thing about the services provided by Kraken.io is their easy to understand nature. Their services can be availed even by a layman. Their process of image optimization is so easy that you just have to paste the URLs in a basic text area. Then Kraken.io will download all those image files and automatically optimize them all. You will get back finished files in a ZIP file format. Sometimes, images are too larger than the dimensions you require them to be in.

Do not worry as Kraken.io has got your back

The image resizing interface will provide you a quick resolution to your problem. The image optimization tool of this website will also allow you to drag a ZIP archive into their web interface. This feature is extremely useful especially when you have a bulk number of images to optimize. Moreover, this website will not judge you based on your CDN provider. Not only this but they will also be giving you the option to get your optimized images delivered at your preferred cloud storage.

Kraken.io Cloud Storage for your images

If you are thinking about storage problems, then Kraken.io is providing you with their own cloud storage where you can keep all the images at one place and get access to them whenever you want.